Since I'm old and out of touch, I have a Deviant Art account. According to the site, I have had one for 13 years. It is mostly full of monsters.

Somehow Tumblr use to be the only social media I actively updated. It has soured in recent years but still gets the odd early art edit or link, here and there.

F*cked up, one-shot, garbage art. RevTerry is Broken (aka revterry is broken or revterryisbroken) is a never-ending series of unfinished sh*t, glitch art, phone photos, trash from me mostly showcased on Tumblr.

Other Work

My graphical work can also be seen at VideoReligion where I take care of the imagery, on the cover art for Milktoast Music, publication work for ModestoAnarcho, and at SwordNun.